Whoever wants to listen, listen and who doesn’t don’t: organized by Galería Galería (CDMX)

Artists: Manolo Márquez, Wendy Cabrera, Javier Sánchez, Mario García Torres, Maurizio Terracina, Alexis Mata, Nicolás Guzmán, Yutsil Cruz, Lucía Novoa, Andy Medina y Gibrán Mendoza.

Galería Galería from Mexico CD presents from July 15th to August 15th, 2020 a collective exhibition called: “Whoever wants to listen, listen and who doesn’t don’t”. The display critics the social standards and political structures as systems of power and in the Mexican society with multidisciplinary artworks like video, installation, paintings, or talkie art. The artworks have the intention to answer questions about the places in which we built the reality from, from where we learnt to see it, and what language we acquired to express ourselves.

Galería Galería shows a space for critics on Mexico DC, where we can think about the contemporary artistic production. Galería Galería is an independent project manage by a collective of curators and artists that work for making international the contemporary Mexican practice. They have participated on events as JustLX Lisboa and Trámite en Querétaro on 2019. Their nomadic nature conducted them to put different exhibition centers on display in Mexico CD and, at this time, in Madrid with Galería Nueva.

Organized by Galería Galería – Adriana Jiménez – adriana.jimenez.marin@gmail.com


Artists on the exhibition:

— Manolo Márquez

— Wendy Cabrera

— Javier Sánchez

— Mario García Torres

— Maurizio Terracina

— Alexis Mata

— Nicolás Guzmán

— Yutsil Cruz

— Lucía Novoa

— Andy Medina

— Gibrán Mendoza

📍Galería Galería has its office in:Colonia Roma, Ciudad de México

✉️ contactogaleriagaleria@gmail.com