Galería Nueva

A gallery for galleries.
A new gallery in Madrid

Obertura Carabanchel 23 - 26 Nov. 2023

Recent exhibitions

Individual exhibition by Josep Vernedas organized by Castella Gallery.

From November 29 to December 24 of 2023

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Crossing the Pajares

Juan Fernández Álvarez, Jorge Fernández Valdés, Pablo Pons Heres, Claudia Riesgo y Aida Valdés

From October 18 to 28 of 2023

Organized by: NG Arte

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What is Galeria Nueva?

Galería Nueva Doctor Fourquet is a 70-sqm exhibition space in Doctor Fourquet Street in Madrid.

Galería Nueva Las Letras is a two rooms gallery and a complete aparthotel in San Agustín 14, Madrid.

National and international galleries are invited to apply for a show of their represented artists for a period of time. During that time, the space will take the name of the hosted gallery, thus becoming its embassy in Madrid.

Every month, two New Galleries will open in the city.

Where are they located

Two locations: Doctor Fourquet 10 and San Agustín 14, among the city’s top art venues.

What can we offer

In addition to an exhibition space, galleries can hire an accommodation service, a studio, catering, exhibition assembly and a dinner with collectors, among others.

We actively communicate our activities on press and radio, hold meetings with curators and collectors at GALERÍA NUEVA and organise a preview with the advisory committee. This committee comprises a group of 14 collectors and art professionals from the city who will select among the applicants.

Galleries can also request accommodation at Las Letras apartment or the Atelier Solar residence. Additionally, they can send their artists to prepare their exhibition project for as many weeks prior to the event as may be required. The Las Letras accommodation is at the same place than GN Las Letras gallery, San Agustín 14. The Atelier Solar accommodation will be in the residence-studios located in Arturo Soria Street in Madrid. Arturo Soria Street is the backbone of the Ciudad Lineal district. This neighbourhood offers a quiet working environment, with green areas and a swimming pool (in summer), parks and cultural spaces such as La Nave Sánchez-Ubiría, the African Museum, Espacio Quinta and several prestigious artist studios.

We can also receive and assemble your works, prepare networking activities with the public and the collectors and organise a visit of curators and collectors to the temporary studio of your artist in Arturo Soria.

How does it work

Galleries interested in submitting their projects to Galería Nueva should send the completed form at least four months before their chosen exhibition date.

A committee of collectors will evaluate the applications. The selection of each gallery will be notified personally as soon as possible. (Each one of the selected galleries will be contacted as soon as possible.)

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