Group show. Marta Fàbregas, Rosanna Casano, Rubén Martín de Lucas, David Morago, Ramon Enrich & Juan Escudero.

From November 17 to December 14, 2021


With artists Marta Fàbregas, Rosanna Casano, Rubén Martín de Lucas, David Morago, Ramon Enrich and Juan Escudero.

Pigment Gallery was founded in Barcelona in January 2016. With two spaces in Barcelona and one in Paris, the goal of its director Ferran Josa is to ensure that contemporary art reaches anyone with curiosity or sensitivity towards art. It promotes contemporary art within a line that ranges from modern figuration to the purest abstract art. It works with emerging artists from Spain and abroad and is interested in representing its artists nationally and internationally, especially in the main contemporary art fairs held in Europe, the United States and Asia.

David Morago was born in Madrid in 1975 and studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. In his paintings he captures nature and fauna with great realism, color and life in a very personal way. His portraits of animals such as the shark and the zebra have always been painted in real scale to increase the grandeur and realism of his work. For this exhibition he will present the feared and admired White Shark that has been exhibited in the United States and in Madrid at the Estampa fairs. There are 25 prints individually intervened with geometric elements and shapes turning each print into a unique work.

In front of the shark are a sequence of eight small format paintings by Ramon Enrich that evidence the talent and maturity he has cultivated in recent years by presenting carefully geometric and empty architectures, with a mystery and silence reminiscent of the metaphysical works of Giorgio de Chirico. Ramon Enrich has lived and trained in Barcelona, Berlin and New York, and with solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, the United States and Europe, his works belong today to important collections such as Deutsche Bank, David Hockney, Donald Judd, Caixabank, Banco Santander, among others.

On the first floor we find the works of Rosanna Casano, an Italian artist who has been living and working in Barcelona since she was 21 years old. She belongs to the artists in residence of the Piramidón studio in Barcelona and has exhibited individually in Pigment Gallery, Artur Ramón Gallery, Esther Montoriol. Using vivid colors in yellows, reds and blues, Rosanna Casano proposes abstract works where geometric shapes and patterns predominate, recalling on several occasions to architectural figures or the suggestion of free forms to interpretation by its abstract character.

Marta Fàbregas presents the figure of women through a very original mixed technique. She recovers old photographs from an archive of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, and intervenes them through collage and the use of different materials to give texture to the paper. Her series “Colonizadas” aims to dignify and exalt the figure of women as a fundamental part of the history of humanity and to highlight the essential role of women in the development of today’s civilization. Marta is a photographer by profession and during the last year has participated in group exhibitions at the Museu Frederic Marés in Barcelona, the Espai Cavallers gallery in Lleida and the Anquin’s gallery in Reus.

The colorful and abstract works of Rubén Martín de Lucas represent a tribute to the Japanese farmer and thinker Masanobu Fukoka who applied the concept of “wu wei”, or letting flow and not intervene, to agriculture and obtaining fertile and wild crop fields. This is how Ruben generates spontaneous works, with free brushstrokes, called Wild Gardens. 2020 was a very productive year for Martín de Lucas after 20 exhibitions in the United States and Europe. In this year 2021 Martín de Lucas has had a solo exhibition at Gallery Red in Mallorca. In addition, with Pigment Gallery his works have traveled to Art Paris, Art Madrid and Estampa 2021.

Finally, Juan Escudero presents the latest series of graphic works he has made during 2021. Juan Escudero was born in Bilbao in 1966 and studied Fine Arts, specifically painting, at the University of the Basque Country. But, during the last years he specialized in engraving and with the etching technique he has been awarded 11 prizes in graphic work in the last year in competitions in Spain, Germany, China, Japan and Australia. The most important award attributed in Spain was the Pilar Juncosa grant from the Miró Mallorca Foundation, which allowed him to produce in the Miró Foundation’s printmaking workshops his latest emblematic work: Waves of Changes, the red version of which will be exhibited at the Galería Nueva in Madrid.





Exposición colectiva

Del 17 de noviembre al 14 de diciembre de 2021

Organizada por Pigment Gallery (Barcelona)

Marta Fàbregas, Rosanna Casano, Rubén Martín de Lucas, David Morago, Ramon Enrich y Juan Escudero