Desperfectos. Eltono.

Exhibition Desperfectos, of Eltono, organized by Set Espai d’Art (Valencia) gallery in Galería Nueva, Madrid.

From From october 15th to november 12th, 2021


Eltono’s last individual exhibition in Madrid took place in 2014, And as of October 15, we will be able to see his work again from the Set Espai d’Art gallery in Galería Nueva.

Under the title Desperfectos, the artist presents with Set Espai d’Art, an unpublished project for Galería Nueva where the creative process takes control in the elaboration of the work. Eltono invents systems where the loss of control of the final result is programmed. The system interacts with the surroundings and the artist to create an uncertain effect, product of all the variables and external factors that come together during the process.



Eltono (Paris, 1975). Flâneur, obstinate stroller and chronic observer, for years, Eltono used public space as a support, a studio, and a source of inspiration. His sensitivity towards what happens around him and his knowledge of the nature of the street – his cravings and its unpredictability – are his primary tools when generating works. He has taken part in the intervention of 90 cities. He has shown his work in renowned museums and art galleries, like the Tate Modern and the Somerset House in London, La Fundación de Miró in Barcelona, or the Artium Museum in Vitoria. During the last twelve years, his interest has been focused on finding solutions to face the issue of exhibiting public art in private spaces. 


Set Espai d’Art

Since the 2012 opening in Valencia, Set Espai d’Art has a proposal focused on national and international artists, mainly emerging creators and mid-career creators, emphasizing interdisciplinary practices.  Set Espai d’Art also serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas. The gallery regularly publishes limited-edition publications, characterized by a successful design and accompanied by texts from nationally recognized curators and critics. In addition, it presents special events, talks, and conferences, merging art exhibitions with research.


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From october 15th to november 12th, 2021

Organized by Set Espai d'Art (Valencia)