Editions by Demian Jacob, Dalton Paula, Ivan Grilo, Lenora de Barros & Rosana Paulino. Artworks by Sara Ramo & Dandara Catete.

Familia Editions at Galería Nueva during La Noche de Los Libros

Starting: Friday, October 1st of 2021 at 19:00hrs

From the 1st to October 9th, an exposition of the publications of Demian Jacob, Dalton Paula, Ivan Grilo, Lenora de Barros, Rosana Paulino, and the artistic work of Sara Ramo and Dandara Catete, all of them from Brazil.

The current editions presented at the gallery are art books published with a collaboration between the curator Maria Lago and the artists she selected.  

Familia Editions was founded in 2018 by the editor and designer Maria Lago (Rio de Janeiro); this project pretends to interpenetrate, create and publish through the format of contemporary Brazilian artists.  The artist’s books, edited by Familia, result from a close and personalized collaboration between the editor, artist, and the printer. The care of each edition comes from the artists’ relationship, the material’s detail, the printing and finishing techniques that make each project unique. All publications are limited editions, some of which contain multiple works signed and numbered.

The Familia artist’s books are part of the MoMA NY collection, New York Public Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art NY, Pinacoteca de São Paulo, MAM Rio de Janeiro, MASP, MAR Rio de Janeiro, MNCARS Madrid, Fundação Gulbenkian Lisboa and Fundação Serralves Oporto.


Sara Ramo

Resident in São Paulo, Brasil, Sara Ramo is one of the artists of her generation with the most significant international projection. Her work has been shown in numerous and different artistic sites, like the biennales of Venice and São Paulo. 

Her work is available in different formats, including video, installations, sculpture, and collage, inspirited by the appropriation of elements, scenes, and everyday spaces that the artist collects, intending to transform them from their original context and combine it with her work. 

Familia and Salón invited Sara Ramo, half Spanish, half Brazilian, to create these editions, to materialize the dialogue between the two cultures. It is the first time that the artist has worked with multiple cultures.  

Oráculo da Terra ( Earth’s Oracle) and Jogo da Vida ( The Game of Life) result from a collaboration between Familia Editions and the independent Spanish Salon space.  

Oráculo da Terra is a game of chance done by a series of enumerated drawings that correspond to the phrases of a poem, a song with a tone of hope that appeals to strength and endurance. Thus, in a way is like a spiritual guide for the day-to-day, a kind of symbol open to audience interpretation, that is, who finds the sense in these symbols and oracle phrases. 

Jogo da Vida is based in the Oca game. It is a spiral path towards the infinite space in which the good and bad parts of the journey through life are collected in a spiritual and political key. The instructions create a poem that enumerates different spiritual spaces of existence. It reconfigures itself by chance during the game, is like a metaphor of what is coming y the vital path to the future. Both works are marked by symbolic eclecticism, where spiritual and the political intertwine without a solution of continuity. For the artist, these categories are inseparable from each other. Her symbols and poems are mixed with elements from different mythologies, including Candomblé, commitment to nature, and the human being.


Dandara Catete

I this exposition, the work of Syereni Mollusca, de Dandara Catete, a Brazilian artist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, is shown in a particular way. She attended the Foundation and Deepening cycles at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts (EAV-Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro). She went to Univerisity in the United States and graduated with honors in 2015 at the University of Connecticut. Since 2015 she has lived and worked in Madrid, where she was part of the permanent research group of the Community of Madrid, ​​On the margins of art: Rehearsing communities. She also participated in the residencies of Cittadellarte de la Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella, Italy) and Tabacalera Cantera (Madrid).

Catete works with home objects and other intimate objects of daily life, exploring the possibilities of poetic readings today. Her works explore themes of the right to housing and affective architecture, gender, and home politics. In her practice, she focuses on installation and sculpture, as well as painting and audiovisuals. She investigates the materiality of things, resignifying them to bring out their symbolic distinctions.

“The poet understands that a seashell can only be engraved from the outside, in a kind of enumerated acts that take the sign of a retouched beauty, during this time, the mollusk ‘emanates its shell,’ ‘lets out’ the mater that builds, he distills a marvelous cover to his measure.’ And from the first time it oozes, the house remains whole. “

Now a house is not built that fast from the outside. The outside of our house is not ours; it’s generic, with a pure and strong structure. A home is created from the inside, curated by our personality. Anesthetic exercise that always emanates complete and to is completed. But a house is not built in such a small way, like this from the outside. A house is not ours; it is a generic, pure and rigid structure. The home is made from within, personal curatorship. An aesthetic exercise that always emanates complete and to is completed. I want to talk about the construction [the sense].

About the objects themselves and the materials in particular. On concrete. It is about inhabiting obsession, one’s own house, or one’s loneliness. Build structures that perhaps deconstruct gender structures. Challenge the foundations of home, strength, and creation.


The books at the gallery are:


Devaneios (Ensueños)

Demian Jacob




Anotações Visuais (Anotaciones Visuales)

Dalton Paula




Não me lembro bem… (No recuerdo bien…)

Ivan Grilo




…Umas (…Unas)

Lenora de Barros




Búfala e Senhora das plantas (Búfala and the plant lady)

Rosana Paulino


FAMILIA Editions in La Noche de los Libros

from October 1st to 9th, 2021


Demian Jacob, Dalton Paula, Ivan Grilo, Lenora de Barros, Rosana Paulino with the special collaboration of Sara Ramo & Dandara Catete