Inside a whale. Álvaro Borobio

The sun shone on that slag,

in order to cook it in a moment,

and more than return to the great Nature

all that together she had united;

Fragment of A Carrion, by Charles Baudelaire

One of the things that an art lover is most passionate about is visiting artists’ studios. Each person organizes these spaces depending on their obsessions, storing objects and materials. Each artist is a collector of his own work. Entering a studio is finding yourself in the depths of the research process, with the remains of the actions and manias of the trade, with the crusts of materials that pile up after hours of work, and also with future pieces waiting to come out and be seen. In the viscera there is always new life brewing; New larvae can be found in the corpses, waiting for their wings to grow.

Álvaro Borobio this time presents us with the interior of his studio, the essence of his pictorial act, the remains of an 18-year production where the paint, fabrics, stretchers and other remains, or to put it another way, the guts , the bones and the scraps, are agglutinated in a primordial broth. For Borobio, this broth of signs is the cerebral recess of the artist’s imagination, something that cannot be seen a priori, it is not the external layer, but rather the interior of a whale.

Nicolas Guzman

Borobio’s work explores the dualism between the human and natural spheres, which the artist manipulates when generating new realities that conceive nature and urban architecture as a single entity, although the artist is responsible for emphasizing their polarity by interweaving (sometimes literally superimposing through layers), dissociated visual representations and languages.
Through his particular expressiveness, he expresses a concern regarding the relationship between metropolitan society, the natural environment and the active role that man plays in the encounter between the two.
Through the lively and energetic color palette of his paintings, Borobio aims to awaken unusual states of mind in the viewer, transporting us to hypothetical places far from everyday life, always inviting reflection. In this way he criticizes the accelerated rates of growth and development that govern our reality, offering other alternatives in the form of fictitious places, different ways of inhabiting the world.
C/ Doctor Fourquet 10
28012 Madrid

Inside a whale

Álvaro Borobio

From September 27 to October 7, 2023