PentARTgramA. Organiza: Pigment Gallery

Pigment Gallery presents PentARTgramA, a collective exhibition at Galería Nueva in Madrid with paintings and graphic works by its most representative artists: Rosanna Casano, Juan Escudero, Lorenzo Fernández, Gerard Fernández Rico and Aurelio San Pedro.
The exhibition will begin on December 6 and can be visited until December 23.
December at Galería Nueva, Calle San Agustín 14, 28014 Madrid.


Pigment Gallery presents for the second time at Galería Nueva in Madrid a collective exhibition by the artists Rosanna Casano, Juan Escudero, Lorenzo Fernández, Gerard Fernández Rico and Aurelio San Pedro. Between December 6 and 23, visitors will be able to enjoy the works in painting, graphic work and mixed media by the artists of the Pigment Gallery in Madrid.

On this occasion, the latest works by Rosanna Casano, an Italian artist who has lived and worked in Barcelona since she was 21 years old, will be exhibited. He belongs to the artists in residence of the Piramidón studio in Barcelona and has exhibited individually at Pigment Gallery, Artur Ramón Gallery and Esther Montoriol. Using vivid colors in yellows, reds, and blues, his work explores matter, form, and abstraction. The architectures that he builds in his paintings show the importance of space, considering it as a physical place and, at the same time, a metaphor for the void.

Juan Escudero, a Bilbao artist graduated in Fine Arts, specialized in engraving in recent years. With the etching technique, he has been awarded multiple prizes in graphic work in recent years in competitions in Spain, Germany, China, Japan and Australia. The most important prize awarded to the artist in Spain was the Pilar Juncosa scholarship from the Miró Mallorca Foundation. His work has been exhibited at international art fairs around the world.
Standing out since he was a child for his innate gifts for drawing, Lorenzo Fernández studied drawing and painting at the Spinelli Palace in Florence. He belongs to a new generation of hyperrealist painters who coexist with the rise of photography.

The work of Lorenzo Fernández, with an intimate theme, vindicates the aesthetic values ​​of traditional painting, and raises the debate, in extremes, of the differences between the painted image and the reproduced one. Lorenzo Fernández has had various individual exhibitions in Japan, France and Spain, and his work has traveled to Indonesia, the USA and Belgium, among other countries.

Gerard Fernández-Rico has implemented different materials from the everyday environment in his works. Along this path, he has worked with polymers, thermal blankets, canvases and concealment meshes, construction structures, materials from the automobile industry, industrial lighting, among others. The spectator’s confrontation with an artistic object made with techniques and materials typical of other industries, invites us to reflect on our environment and the possibilities it offers us beyond those commonly accepted; and the way each of us interacts with it. Finally, we have Aurelio San Pedro, who studied electrical and geomantic engineering. After studying a higher cycle of applied arts and a master’s degree in post-production and visual effects, he currently combines his work as a 3D designer (focused on medicine) with that of an artist. His artistic profile is multifaceted, which allows him to adapt depending on the message he wants to convey, using figuration or abstraction and all kinds of techniques and materials.
His 2022 production line is based on the use of charcoal and pencil on paper, as well as the use of book pages on wood as a means of plastic expression.

About Pigment Gallery
Pigment Gallery was founded in Barcelona in January 2016. With two spaces in Barcelona and one in Paris, its director Ferran Josa’s goal is to ensure that contemporary art reaches anyone with curiosity or sensitivity towards art.
It promotes contemporary art within a line that goes from modern figuration to the purest abstract art. He works with emerging artists from Spain and abroad and is interested in representing his artists nationally and internationally, especially in the main contemporary art fairs held in Europe, the United States and Asia.



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Pigment Gallery

from 6th to 23th December 2022


Rosanna Casano, Juan Escudero, Lorenzo Fernández, Gerard Fernández Rico and Aurelio San Pedro