Pet animals. Adrià Miko opens the season at Galería Nueva with Animales de Compañía, Adrià Miko’s first individual exhibition, from September 1 to 17 at the headquarters of Doctor Fourquet 10, Madrid, coinciding with Apertura Gallery Weekend. Pets is a nod to wildlife through painting, which reflects on the role of man in the animal world and promises to turn the room into a menagerie. Wild animals are also pets. We share a planet and limited resources and they accompany us inseparably in our daily lives as part of iconography and popular culture, as well as a source of inspiration for art since ancient times. The wildlife of animals can be considered the first subject in painting, as suggested by the wild warty pigs of the Leang Tedongnge caves in Indonesia, and 45,500 years later, it is still fascinating to us because it still escapes our understanding and because it refers us to our origins as a species.
Adrià Miko (Valencia, 1994), represents animals from his personal imagination, in close-ups and in trivial and ambiguous actions, such as playing or hunting, pointing out the thin line that separates them. With a fresh, colorful and quickly produced language, his acrylics transmit exuberance and vitality, and evoke the beauty of untamed life. His large-format acrylic canvases seem to outgrow the imposing-sized beasts, as an allegory to a suffocating reality, in which climate change and the decline of the planet’s great virgin spaces puts its survival at risk and makes a reflection on our role regarding the relationship with nature and the wonderful and wild animal kingdom that surrounds us.
Lapislá is a platform founded in 2021 with headquarters in the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel. Conceived with the objective of promoting the work of emerging and mid-career plastic artists through representation, publishing catalogs, and curating exhibitions, it works tirelessly through a periodic and itinerant program motivated by the dissemination of quality plastic work. based on close collaboration with a small number of artists. Lapis lazuli is committed to both the discovery of talent and the vindication of artists with a long career. Companion Animals is Lapislázuli’s second exhibition at Galería Nueva, thus consolidating a collaboration that makes its artists visible in one of the most emblematic streets for art in the city of Madrid: Doctor Fourquet.
C/ Doctor Fourquet 10
28012 Madrid

Pet Animals

Adrià Miko

From September 1 to 17 of 2023

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