Where am I? Jung Suk Ryu. Organized by: Galerie Ulf Larsson (Cologne)

The artist Jung Suk Ryu, of Korean origin, currently lives and works in
Cologne. However, for the creation of the pieces that can be seen in
the exhibition Where am I? spent a long period of time in
the capital of Madrid, capturing its essence through the facades of the
buildings that dress it.
Emblematic streets such as Alcalá or Preciados are taken over by the artist in
his creative process, enhancing the beauty of the everyday with a technique
meticulous, as well as other representative elements of Madrid such as the
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium or our metro train, reinventing them
from his artistic gaze.
“In my artistic work I deal with everyday architecture, which, if it has been
found a visual anchor point, dissolves into surfaces and lines,
condensed by clippings. My artistic concern is to enhance these
architectural elements through line and color in a new reality
that makes you forget the really functional level of these forms. The character of
original sign of architecture dissolves into surfaces and color lines
and acquires a new meaning and sensuality”.
Jung Suk Ryu began by exposing his work in 1985 in South Korea:
Seoul, Daegu or Busan are just a few examples, as well as in cities like
Berlin, Rome or Liverpool among others. The artist has presented her work in
fairs like KIAF (Korean International Art Fair) or the Daegu Fair.
Today, and after many destinations, Jung Suk Ryu arrives at Galería Nueva wondering
Where am I?, by the hand of Ulf Larsson to value and in front of the
viewer the beauty of Madrid, which we can find in any corner.


Jung Suk Ryu

from 30 March to 22 April 2023

Organized by: Galerie Ulf Larsson (Cologne)