A tiny red flash

There was a time when the human being was sovereign of himself and from a progressive experience he made his own decisions. In this risk he sometimes lost his life, but always at the cost of his freedom. The balance between nature and man was possible, at least that which fed us and gave us shelter was venerated, not without much fear.
One night, lying under the stars, one of our distant cousins wondered what that tiny red flash was, or why that white sphere was not always round, like the virgin and fascinated eye that observed it.
In these searching thoughts he fell asleep, and then the darkness was different, stranger and abysmal. In his dream he saw enormous vertical structures of iron and concrete and inside, as if in an enclosure, he identified those who would be the children of his children’s children. And his anxiety increased when he realized that they seemed to wander lost, lonely, light years away from the comforting caresses of the waves of the sea. They stepped without decision on a flat, homogeneous floor, which in no way reminded him of the irregular and warm walls of the cave that protected him.
And on his fatal journey, which never seemed to end, the twinkling of the stars became brilliant, but now they were lightning-quick lights that scattered in all directions and numbered in the thousands. Their trajectories, impossible to follow, generated new structures, solid or vaporous. Some were abnormally familiar: forests, mountains, lagoons; but others rose elusively drawing capricious shapes that he had never dreamed of before.
And finally he woke up, anguished, he walked along the soft bank of the river that he knew well, and the gradual sensation of recognition of his surroundings gradually comforted him, until he turned his gaze to the sky again and verified, relieved, that the clarity he beat the pulse of the darkness.

An exhibition of the students of the Degree in Photography of the TAI University School of Arts. Artists: Liam Chafer, Abel Lanillos, Íñigo Lasheras, Alejandro Pérez, Adrián Ramos, Miguel Sancho, Llorenç Suau and Alejandro Torres.

From June 29 to July 2, 2023

c/ San Agustín, 14
28014 Madrid

A tiny red flash

Liam Chafer, Abel Lanillos, Íñigo Lasheras, Alejandro Pérez, Adrián Ramos, Miguel Sancho, Llorenç Suau y Alejandro Torres

From June 29 to July 2 of 2023

Organized by: Escuela TAI (Madrid)