USA & THROW. Organized by: AT Colección

Juan Luis Molero arrives at Galería Nueva with USA & THROW, an exhibition (and an ironic play on words) that is the result of his seven years living in the United States. A selection of mythological paintings and totemic sculptures that come to Madrid to show us Molero’s vision of the American dream through his experiences and memories. Antonio Toca (the curator) writes: “Molero’s work is constructed through layers of experiences and memory. With these layers he constructs the backgrounds, the atmospheres and the landscapes through which three of his recurring characters pass: Totem, Minotaur and the Human Figure. Each of them represents an aspect of the Human Being, and allows him to investigate and discover the ways in which he relates to the world around him. The use of different techniques (sculpture, painting, collage, drawings or engravings) gives him the opportunity to experiment with different materials, textures, shapes and colours, and thus achieve linearity in sculpture and surface relief. In his works he often includes recycled materials, which allows him to turn them into a synthesis of thoughts and memories.Room 2 presents a selection of sculptures created around the figure of the Totem. Creating a totem is a way of representing yourself symbolically, it is a means of telling your own story. The Totem is universal, it has no age, no sex, no race or religion… it only speaks of thoughts and feelings. Through sculpture the artist manages to discover simultaneously his outline and his interior; sometimes monolithic and sometimes pure immateriality, sometimes Apollonian and sometimes Dionysian”.

Juan Luis Molero (Cordoba 1970) defines himself as a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, working in sculpture, drawing, painting, engraving, collage, graphic design and book and cover design. He is backed by an international career with exhibitions in a multitude of spaces such as the Cervantes Institute in Algiers (2006), the Headquarters of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (2012) or TTR Sotheby’s International Realty (2018).

This exhibition is organised by AT Colección, a contemporary art collection comprising the works of more than 170 international artists from various disciplines. Antonio Toca (Mexico City, 1961) created this organisation in Santander to support and give visibility to the artists who make up the collection. With no physical headquarters, they opt for online management with a physical presence in projects and through the loan of works for exhibition.


An exhibition by AT Colección. From 14 June to 14 July 2023
c/ Doctor Fourquet 10
28012 Madrid


Juan Luis Molero

from June 14th to July 14th, 2023

Organized by: AT Colección