MOST. NaturLunar and Nature. Organized by: Malvin Gallery (Madrid)

The moon is a rocky, round “celestial” body and is characterized by having
a surface with deep craters and high mountain systems. Composed, for the most part, by oxygen, silicon, calcium, magnesium and aluminum.
The moon does not shine with its own light, but rather reflects the light it receives from the Sun and by that can be seen from Earth and can be appreciated in its different phases. The shadow of the Earth and the Sun will be the one that allows us to see more or less surface of it. Twenty-nine days, 12h and 44min is what encompasses the complete cycle of the moon.
The moon, a circumference, a geometric figure that has no beginning nor end, a primordial symbol that contains everything and where everything fits. A geometric shape that we find everywhere, in nature and in ourself.
Blanqué, she wants huge moons where the trees are attracted, he wants
May this powerfully feminine girth ensnare us. Create a parallel world where to feel alive, where the viewer feels the magic attraction of this powerful star with his imperfections, is what he craves.
“The circle summarizes in its simplicity the dynamism of reality”, Tatiana
Blanqué would add: from our own reality, from our conscience. A form that represents heaven and the spirit, as the square represents the earth, material or static.
What is in the center of the circle? The origin, where everything comes from.
The stone, MOST, is the matter in a solid state that is part of the crust terrestrial, is the material from which, naturally, the mantle and the Earth’s own crust. This is the solid, outermost part of the Earth, is 1% of the volume of the planet and where the memory will be read (the fossils), what will have happened in that soil, over time.
MOST, are memory wagons, nutrients of our existence, where we store all that we are and make it available to those who

MOST. NaturLunar and nature.

A Malvin Gallery exhibition
From May 31 to June 15, 2023
c/ San Agustín, 14
28014 Madrid

MOST. NaturLunar and Nature.

Tatiana Blanqué

from May 31 to June 15, 2023

Organized by: Malvin Gallery (Madrid)