Gerhardt Braun Gallery travels from Palma to Madrid to present the exhibition CHANGE, from 22 February to 15 March at our Doctor Fourquet 10 headquarters.

CHANGE is the cultural change of a new artistic and generational point of view of artists Chus García-Fraile, Leon Löwentraut, Heinz Mack, Francesca Martí, Jorge Mayet, Heiner Meyer and Sylvestre Gauvrit.

Chus García-Fraile, a multidisciplinary Madrid artist with a broad exhibition career, dominates a pop and conceptual language that systematically questions our society and our cultural values. Leon Löwentraut is a young German artist known for his strong expressionist label full of colour and vibrant energy that sometimes leads to highly suggestive pictorial and photographic graffiti. Heinz Mack, creator of the Zero group and representative of the Abstract movement and German Op Art, has developed a neat work with vibrant colors that envelop the spectator emotionally. Francesca Martí, an artist who works between Mallorca and Stockholm and whose basis is human expression, which she develops in an extremely creative way encompassing multiple artistic disciplines. Jorge Mayet, a Cuban artist who has moved between different cultures and expresses himself between sculpture, painting and installation and discovers a surrealist nature creating an enigmatic atmosphere that moves us. Heiner Meyer, renowned German pop art painter and sculptor with an acidic humor that criticizes the culture of luxury and represents the feminine beauty of celebrities of the 20th and 21st century. Sylvestre Gauvrit, French-Italian sculptor who combines elements of nature seeking a balance between negative and positive forces that, together, give rise to sculptures of timeless beauty..



February 19th - March 16th, 2022

Gerhardt Braun Gallery

Exibition group:

— Chus García-Fraile

— Leon Löwentraut

— Heinz Mack

— Francesca Martí

— Jorge Mayet

— Heiner Meyer

— Sylvestre Gauvrit