“Nueva Realidad” (New reality)

“Nueva Realidad” (New reality) is a group exhibition curated by Balu, the director of Canal Gallery, presenting the works of Conrado López, César Goce, Murfin, Udatxo, Raúl Huerta, Ivan Federico Wenger and Balu himself, exposing various painting techniques to explore themes contemporaries and reflect on them. This exhibition offers an innovative perspective on the reality around us by fusing artistic tradition with modern technology.
Artists can use a wide variety of mediums and styles, such as oil painting, acrylic, mixed media… to express the idea behind “New Reality” which is to capture and represent the complexity of our constantly evolving world. Current topics can vary widely, from social and political issues to environmental, technological or cultural issues.
Artists can approach these themes from different perspectives and styles, resulting in a rich variety of artworks that challenge traditional conventions and explore new ways of communicating and understanding reality.
The combination of old and new can lead to surprising and provocative works that stimulate reflection and conversation about the problems and challenges we face in today’s society.

Artist, Art Director, Curator and Director of Canal Gallery
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“Nueva Realidad” (New reality)

Balu, César Goce, Conrado López, Iván Wenger, Murfin, Raúl Huerta y Udatxo.

From November 8 to 19 of 2023

Canal Gallery (Barcelona)