Time in balance. Alfredo Paris.

“Time in Balance” presents the most recent works of artist AlfredoParís, who invites us to explore the delicate balance between time, memory and constant transformation.
Starting with a model, Paris creates molds or empty shells based on the human body. These three-dimensional representations are then recomposed, fragmented – some even becoming dust – and integrated into the work, completely abstracted from their original form, thus reflecting processes of continuous transformation.
In his creative work, Paris advocates an intuitive dialogue with his work, using qigong meditation and breathing techniques that allow us to achieve states of contemplation, opening emotional channels where time itself is observed as a subject. A reflection of this are the pieces of “Time in Balance”, where Paris plays from instinct with the balance, weight and expression of the material to compose structures that each one captures memories, allowing us to observe the remains from the present.
From the past.
The choice of a consciously restricted palette allows Paris to create landscapes where the ‘Shadow’ of Jungian thought, an entity tied to the unconscious, is literally and physically presented through the different textures and elevations present in each piece. The end result is a barren terrain of eroded structures, visual metaphors for the internal constructs of attack and defense we create as humans. Its state of deterioration indicates an imminent collapse necessary to advance in time.
And in this game of collapse and resistance, Paris invites us to reflect on our own internal constructions, those that allow us to sustain our own weight and those that we must collapse, a constant coming and going in the existence of the human being.
Alfredo Paris is a Venezuelan-Swiss artist living in Madrid, Spain.
He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA and a Master of Fine Arts (Graphic Arts) from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (ACBACh). His most recent work focuses on creating material works that frequently oscillate between painting and sculpture. With them, he seeks to give access to an invisible world of inner forces.
Judith Corro

C/ Doctor Fourquet 10
28012 Madrid

Time in balance.

Alfredo Paris.

From November 21 to December 2 of 2023

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