Re-inhabit dimensions. Josefina Bardi

re-inhabit dimensions. Josefina Bardi.
re-inhabit dimensions of Josefina Bardi, Chile. Winner of the first edition of [PAAL], Accelerator Program for Latin American Artists living in Madrid.

The individual that shows the result of the Artistic Residency that she obtained as a prize from [PAAL] arrives at Galería Nueva Doctor Fourquet.
We would like to thank Manuela Reyes and Pedro Quijano from the Ibero-American Development Bank for curating and supporting this Artistic Residency.
Also to Zapadores Ciudad del Arte for serving as a workshop for the Realization of this Residency during the month of May.
Re-inhabit the place with the body measurement as a reference.

«Sappers has 23,000 square meters of perimeter, a place that my body faces and is the first confrontation between architecture and body, providing a system of measurement through the height that I have, which is one sixty-one.
The action consisted of surrounding the 23,000 square meters by walking. This means that with the foot-to-foot system, I begin to walk around the architecture of Zapadores in conjunction with a GPS application which leaves the trace of what I am walking.

I decide to start climbing and feel the measurements compared to what my body presents. Surround the rectangle walking one by one. This allows me to create a digital drawing which I understand as the scale that my body allows in relation to Zapadores, City of Art».

Josefina Bardi.
C/ Doctor Fourquet 10
28012 Madrid

Re-inhabit dimensions.

Josefina Bardi

From December 5 to 16 of 2023

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