Ambiens, Ambions and Ambas. Timo Ryhänen. Organized by The Hug Culture.

Ambiens, Ambions and Ambas. Timo Ryhänen.


“My work is about creating a parallel world that deals with ecological issues, class struggles and the effects of technology. Mythologies, folklore tales and trash aesthetics are taking a more present day form with the help of digital technology. Figures in my paintings are depicting a personification of matter that is being formulated with light

The citizens of Ambaria have their inner light made visible by the digital oil painting technique as well as with the digital light.

They demonstrate and idea about Life Force.

Something that changes through our lives and is not visible for the human perception. Still, humans too are bioluminescent and radiate light that is invisible for our senses. By connecting the idea about inner light with the oil painting tradition, as well as with the personality of the figures:

I am trying to make Ambaria look as lifelike as possible”.


Supported by:

Ambiens, Ambions and Ambas

from 10th to 15th May 2022

Organize by: The Hug Culture

— Timo Ryhänen